NOTE: This is for PICK UP only. Please email, call or text for address and instructions.

  • ONE Big Backyard Burner Bag of Firewood for $15 or THREE Big Backyard Burner Bags of Firewood for $40
  • Each BBBB (Big Backyard Burner Bag) holds 2x more vs. a gas station bag.
  • 4 cubic foot big bags of guaranteed seasoned firewood.
  • Cut and split firewood only. No 2×4’s pallets, nails, painted wood etc.
  • Guaranteed dry.
  • Includes heavy duty burlap bag you can re-use vs. thin plastic bags.
  • Pickup from our location in St. Boniface.

Please see Additional Information below for The Process


Firewood Manitoba has their amazing mobile firewood vending machine setup in St. Boniface for wholesale firewood supply. Just in time for fire pit season!
The same amount of firewood purchased from a gas station would be $35 or more (each of our big bags is equal to 2 gas station bags).
Extra kindling available at no charge. Perfect for condos, town houses, the occasional backyard fire etc.
Return 10 empty bags to us and get a free full Big Backyard Burner Bag of firewood.
Be mesmerized by dancing purple, green, and blue flames for up to 20 minutes! Toss them into your campfire and watch the show!

Additional information


1.) You decide you need firewood and place your order. 2.) Give us a call (or text) (204-453-7788) for directions to our St. Boniface location. 3.) You visit our site and start loading your Big Backyard Burner Bag with guaranteed seasoned firewood. 4.) You're set for firewood.


This order is for PICK-UP ONLY. Need more than 3 BBBB's? We deliver 1/4, 1/2 and full cords of guaranteed seasoned firewood too.


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